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Why Dry Eye Treatment is Advanced at Cardinal Eye Care

Our facility in Winston Salem offers top-of-the-line dry eye treatment that is specially designed to address the needs of patients who suffer from dry eyes. We have invested in multiple pieces of equipment to ensure that we can provide the best possible results for our patients. Our dry eye technology, OptiLight, is the most advanced available and helps to improve eye lubrication and reduce inflammation. Our goal is to provide our patients with relief from dry eye symptoms and improve their overall eye health.

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Advanced Dry Eye Treatment

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What Treatment is Like

Your Dry Eye Treatment with OptiLight is Easy & Effective

  • 4 sessions, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Each session usually takes only 10-15 minutes.
  • OptiLight is applied on the skin below the eyes and is non-invasive.
  • During treatment, your practitioner will cover your eyes with shields and apply a thin layer of coupling gel on the treatment area.
  • You may experience a warm sensation as light is applied to the skin. The treatment is gentle with minimal discomfort.
  • You can return to your daily activities and apply makeup straight away in most cases.
  • Patients usually report an improvement after the 2nd or 3rd session.
  • For quicker success and results patients can opt to add LLLT therapy after their IPL treatment.  This combo treatment also helps reduce styes quickly.

Low Level Light Therapy

Cardinal Eye Care has added the Marco Equinox Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to their services in treating dry eye. This advanced technology, originally developed by NASA, gently warms up the eyelids with LED lights, effectively clearing the meibomian glands of oils and unclogging them. The Equinox mask is a safe and pain-free procedure, taking only 15 minutes per session, with no recovery time, side effects, or discomfort. It is suitable for both adults and children. In addition to treating dry eye, LLLT has shown to potentially reduce facial wrinkles, acne, and rosacea. Simply lay back and relax while the warm light clears your glands.